How to Judge an SEO Content Writer

If you are planning to hire a Search Engine Optimization specialist who can also write high quality articles for your website, there are lots of factors you need to consider in choosing which one to opt for. On this guideline, you will need to be certain that the writer you have in mind is not only able to deliver the results you need for your website but also meet the preferences of most users, readers and visitors. This can also help you if you choose to write your own articles for your website.

SEO Titles

Currently, the most ideal titles for SEO posts contain 72 characters or less which includes the spaces. It is best to put the main key phrases or keywords in the title instead of indicating ‘Our History’ and other navigation label or putting your company name which would waste the vital character count in your title. Be wise in creating significant and catchy titles for your content in order to get the best out of Search Engine Optimization.

Most SEO contents usually use headline formats instead of placing commas to separate keywords. If you try checking the SEO titles that appear on the social networking sites and search engine results, you will see that the posts which use headline formats actually look better. You can also choose to take blended approaches as you like. For example, try creating titles with a colon and the vital SEO phrases you need after it. This is the simplest method of showcasing the most important phrase in the title of your SEO contents early on. Try following the suggestions below. To make the main keywords noticeable for you, we have put it in bold.

• Cleaning Products for Your Home (The word ‘home’ can help you get high rankings for various keywords.)
• Hybrid Clubs: Essential Golf Equipment
• Iron on Patches: The Best Backing for Custom Patches
Longer Contents

There are lots of online marketers who hesitate to place many words on their pages thinking that it would turn off their site visitors. There are also people who are afraid that this will give their potential clients too much information and will cause them to have no reason to complete the contact form or make a call. However, you can actually complement your design if you choose to fill your pages with long articles. Search engines usually do not rank short contents well and they could be treated as insignificant in various cases.

Your business needs that are related to Search Engine Optimization indicates that there are various writing options you should focus on.

• Hope for the best when opting for short SEO contents.
• Create long contents and be informative by breaking it up with charts, images, subheadings, notable quotes and others to get the best out of each post regarding your products and services.
• Constantly create a set of how-to SEO contents regarding the topics that aim for the significant keywords you need to rank up on the Search Engine Results Page.

People who have online business preferred contents with a minimum of 250 words years ago. The demand rose to 500 words per page. Currently, SEO experts and specialists advice that the advantages of SEO contents can be maximized if they have at least 1000 words.

Keyword Density

Many people think that the search engines would notice their articles and rank their sites if they stuff them with the keyword they need. On the contrary, these kinds of posts would be considered as spam by the search engines. You have to use the keywords as if they are a natural part of the articles. Even the readers can notice when the keyword is unnecessarily repeated or redundant. You must be aware of the ideal keyword density that the search engines prefer.


Whether you choose to hire freelancers or in-house talents, you definitely need a specialist who can create original SEO contents that you can use in social media, email and other presentations. The best copywriters are not only able to write original contents well; they are also reliable in guiding and shaping the content.

It is not bad to actually create your own posts. However, if you are looking to get the best results from your SEO posts, it would be better if you leave it to the SEO specialists. In our company, we only hire writers and SEO specialists who are able to produce high quality outputs. Take the easier way and get the best results of Search Engine Optimization by leaving this vital task to our SEO professionals.

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