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If you are considering working with a third party to fulfill your PCB manufacturing needs, we would love to give you some advice. Many electronic businesses are starting to realize the benefits of having a partner when it comes to manufacturing services as it is a way to improve the quality of their products and save money.

PCBHowever, aside from the fact that there are many third party PCB companies, it is also important to know the qualities to look for when choosing a contract manufacturer. This will guarantee that you will get the most of your money and maintain the integrity of your PCBs, which will also enable you to grow and move forward. If you do not know yet how to evaluate your prospects, we suggest that you look at the following guidelines in choosing a PCB company.

Consider the Location

Some electronic companies commit the mistake of looking abroad for a contract manufacturer. Most often, foreign companies charge less for PCB services, but knows that there is a reason behind that. Foreign companies do not always follow the same labor and safety guidelines that we have here in the US. They may use counterfeit parts just to cut some corners and save costs. This may run the risk of producing lesser quality electronic devices, and you may also be liable for legal complaints. Because of this, it would be best to keep your focus on finding experienced American companies.

Do not Just Focus on Price

Let us reiterate the last point we mentioned – you must not work with a PCB contract manufacturer based solely on price. Keep in mind that you will get what you pay for. In case there is a company, which offers a proposal that is much higher or lower than their competitors, we think that there is something wrong. Before making a decision, always consider the accomplishments of a certain PCB company.

Ask about Experience has been in the business long enough to understand that experience in this field is truly valuable. As such, you must also find out how long your prospects have been in the industry. This way, you will have an idea as to how passionate they are in this business, and if they are adept in retaining and satisfying their clients.

Request for Customer Reviews

In order for you to have references of satisfied former clients, it would be a smart move to request for it from the PCB manufacturer. Through this, you will know the quality of PCBs that they design and assemble as well as the timeliness through which they manage their tasks.

Ask about Equipment and Assembly Processes

Take time to find out how the PCB company performs the design and assembly processes of the PCBs and the kinds of equipment and machinery they use. These factors will ultimately affect the quality of your electronic devices.

Broaden your Scope, for instance, has a lot of services, but at the moment, you may only need help to efficiently and quickly producing batch orders to fulfill the demands of your customers. However, just because that is what you need right now does not mean you will not need further help in the future. Therefore, it is a good idea to find a PCB company, which offers other services, such as design, repairs, and troubleshooting, just in case.

Make Sure that they Follow Industry Standards

Do not trust a contract manufacturer, which does not know the latest updates regarding industry standards for quality and safety. Before signing any contract, make sure to inquire about the credentials of the company. A reliable company will always be willing to show proof.

Certainly, we want you to settle for only the best and that is We assure you that we are passionate in helping you create high quality electronic products.


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